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Businesses of all sizes and types can use social media to stay in contact with current customers and to get new customers. This includes both offline and online methods of social media marketing. You can participate in or host local events, industry gatherings, and one-to-one interactions, and your business website can be optimized to create an ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects through blogs, product review postings, surveys, email discussion lists, voting, etc. External social media platforms can also be leveraged.

The top three social media platforms for most businesses right now are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

Facebook – Facebook pages for your business are easy to setup with a small amount of effort, and you can benefit from the posts of customers, contacts, and “fans” to keep your page updated in addition to the posts and updates you yourself make on a regular basis. Facebook pages for business are considered inbound marketing, in that you wait for customers to come to your page and find you in order to learn about your business.

Twitter – Twitter is another great social media tool but does require more attention than Facebook as it needs you to make regular posts because it is an outbound marketing channel on which you distribute messages to a list of opt-in subscribers, or “followers,” as well as respond to their posts. While Twitter posts are intended by design to be very short micro-blogging messages of no more than 142 characters, you do need to “Tweet” fairly frequently with decent and relevant messages to make following you worthwhile.

LinkedIn – Everyone operating in the business world today should be on LinkedIn, which unlike Facebook, is solely dedicated to interacting with and expanding a network of business associates. While there are multiple tools you can use on LinkedIn, at a minimum maintaining a profile and building your professional network will keep you and your business on the radar of numerous business contacts.

Other sites – Other social media sites and tools such as YouTube, Groupon, Yelp, FourSquare, etc., can be useful as well, depending upon your niche and marketing needs.

For those who find the concept of making regular posts and developing content on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their social media presence overwhelming, or as a distraction from their regular responsibilities, we are ready to alleviate that stress. We can serve as your Social Media Account Representative by managing those accounts and pages for or in conjunction with you, depending on your needs. We will work closely with you to determine the most effective types of interactions and scope of information for postings that will be most beneficial for your particular business. We will develop a plan with the best approach for meeting our goals and measuring our success on an ongoing basis, and we will implement our social media plan with the understanding that adjustments will be needed based upon ongoing feedback from you, your current customers, and your future customers.

All social media plans and posting schedules are developed based upon the marketing needs and budget considerations of the client.

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