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Marketing strategies and methods are most effective when they are based upon the specific necessities of the particular business. We will work you to determine the best marketing strategy for your needs.

We are happy to help you with one or all of the following:

Inbound Marketing – Inbound Marketing means creating a website or social media landing page with content so enticing that when prospects find your information through web searches or other means, they are convinced that you or your company are the experts and your products or services are the best solution to solve their problems or meet their needs, and they become customers. We can work with you to create the quality content you need for your business website and social media outlets. We can develop a strategy for increasing your visibility and can execute the required marketing communications tactics and items required for driving traffic back to your business website and social media landing pages.

Outbound Marketing – Outbound Marketing is a new term for traditional marketing that was created to distinguish it from inbound marketing. Outbound marketing means actively seeking prospective customers through various targeted outgoing communications from you to them. Outbound marketing tools such as newsletters, brochures, press releases, advertisements, trade show booths, direct mail, opt-in email marketing, etc. can be used to develop sales leads and to drive traffic to your business website or your social media landing pages.

Branding – A brand embodies human interaction with a company or organization and its products, services, or mission. It means how people recognize (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) the brand and the feelings it inspires within them. If you have a business, you have a brand that should be managed. We can help you develop or revitalize your brand identity and brand communications to increase brand awareness and enhance your brand equity in order to help begin or maintain the continued success of your business.

Marketing Communications Planning – We can work with you to create a marketing communication plan detailing how to communicate with your business's target audience about your product, service, or mission through the different online and print communication channels of inbound marketing, social media, advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, etc. Once the objectives, strategies, tactics, and measurement components are in place, we are also available to help you create the various communications tools decided upon in the plan.

Marketing Communications Audits – Includes assessing the communications needs of the organization, from review of existing materials to conceptualizing and executing new communications content or materials. We can provide detailed Marketing Communications Reviews of an organization's existing content and materials and/or its formal or informal communications plans. Such reviews can help you determine the effectiveness of your current strategies and tactics for reaching your target markets and audiences, as well to indicate potential areas for expansion. We also offer ad hoc critiques and recommendations for individual communications pieces such as marketing collateral, websites, social media, etc.

Marketing Communications Management – Once your marketing needs are defined and the plan has been established, we can serve as your de facto Marketing Manager by implementing the elements of the plan for you as a consulting member of your team. This frees you, and your other team members if any, to focus on your regular business responsibilities. Arrangements for this service are typically made on the basis of a contract for an agreed-upon support schedule and number of hours to be charged over a specified period of time. Contracts are established for a set number of weeks or months, and are renewable. You will determine at the outset the level and duration of support you are most comfortable with in investing in the marketing of your business, and this will be stipulated in the contract along with fees and other details. A retainer arrangement is also available.

All marketing services are determined based upon the marketing needs and budget considerations of the client.

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